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'Happy Box' (2011)

November 24, 2011
(HD Version September 2, 2012)

Sergeant Marshmallow, Toullie and Sister come to life in their first animated mini-movie!

Happy Box was originally created for the annual Halloween themed art festival Gothtober, where an earlier 'pre-release' version made its world premiere on October 29, 2011. The Gothtober theme for that year was 'chain restaurant.' The final HD version was released in September 2012.

Tech-heads may be interested to know that Happy Box is the first movie entirely puppeted using two synchronized Kinect Sensors, a popular video game controller.

If you like this movie, please let us know and we'll make more. If you did not like it, we'll be happy to refund the two-minutes of your life we just wasted by playing the movie backwards for you.

Curious about how Happy Box was conceived and planned? Check out our new behind-the-scenes article Storyboarding 'Happy Box' over in the Studio section.

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